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Need A Super High Quality Neon Light Sign?

Welcome to Neon87, Europes longest running Neon Sign Manufacturer.

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We've made signs for The Most Famous Companies In The World:

Plus 1000’s of Signage, Event & Marketing Companies, Brand Managers, and Many more...

Why Businesses Choose Neon87?

Delivery In As Little As 3 Days

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Rigorous Quality Control

Every sign must meet our 10-point quality control criteria before dispatch

Dedicated Customer Service

Sometimes, things go wrong, we are always here for you and sort issues immediately

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Even More Reasons Businesses Choose Neon87...

High Quality Workmanship

Every LED neon sign we sell has been handmade in one of our neon sign studios. We dedicate 100's of hours into training every employee to make sure they meet our incredibly high quality standards.
Once every neon sign has been made, it then has to pass our 10 point LED neon quality control process and only then is it approved for dispatch.

Single Units or Thousands

Most of the neon signs we sell are unique one-off custom neon designs. However, we also work heavily with retailers and agencies to design and manufacture multiple qualities. These can be ordered in one go, or reserved and called upon when your neon signs are required.

Professional Design Service

Already have the logo or design you want made into a neon sign? Great!

If not, our professional neon sign design team will help create the perfect sign for you. From colours to sizing, we will advise you on every step.

What makes this even better?  It's 100% free.

Customer Service Matters

Let's be honest. Sometimes things don't go to plan. 

From courier issues, manufacturing delays, mis-communication with clients. It happens.

Whatever happens, we will always be here to support and solve any issue that arises.

Signage Consultation

Not quite sure if the normal LED Neon Flex type of signage is right for you?  We can advise which type of signage will be best for your application, and make it for you.

Not Only Neon

We Also Make The Follow Types Of Signage

Front & Rear Illuminated Lightbox

Fully Illuminated Lightbox

Specially Designed Projecting Sign

Vinyl Lettering

Engraved & Painted Sign

Flat Cut Letters

Rear & Side Illuminated

Front Illuminated

Internal Lightbox

External Lightbox

Fully Illuminated Letters

Bulb Illuminated Letters

10,000+ happy customers and counting

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Prefer to talk to us on the phone?

UK: 01392 925050

USA: (310) 807-1177

How Long Does Delivery Take?

Our typical delivery time for your new neon light from approval of your proof is between 2 and 3 weeks. We can rush orders if our schedule and materials supply allows. If you have an urgent order, it's always best to contact us to make sure we can fit you in.

Will I Be Charged Extra Tax, VAT or Duty?

All of our neon light prices include VAT in the UK, meaning you won't get any nasty debt collection letters from couriers demanding unpaid tax.

What's The Difference Between Glass Neon & LED Neon?

Glass, gas or traditional neon uses super high voltages to charge gas inside a glass tube to produce the light. LED's are 12v and used everywhere from phones, computers, watches and pretty much everything you can think of.  

Our opinion here at Neon87 is that nothing can match the Glass Neon look, and if that is what you want, we are happy to refer you to trusted craftsmen who are the best in the country. However, for many clients LED Neon is better choice due to durability, style, and price.

What Is An LED Neon Made Of?

Our LED Neon is made using super high quality LED strips with 120 diodes per meter. It is then encased in silicone during an extrusion process. This turns the light from dots, into a long line.

What Are The Backing Options?

As standard we cut to the outline of the sign design, but we can also keep the acrylic backing as a rectangle. Depending on design, we can also cut the insides of the letters out. If you would like this option, let's discuss, as this makes the sign more prone to breakages.

We can also offer different colours, glitter, and mirrored backings. Please contact us to discuss these bespoke options too.

How Do You Power An LED Neon Sign?

Our signs are all 12v and powered by a 12v transformer. These transformers then plug into the mains with a 3-pin plug. We can supply transformers that can be wired by a qualified electrician into the mains and you can use a light switch to turn on and off.

How Do You Care For An LED Neon Light?

Our Neon's are very tough but will get dusty. To clean, always use a fresh microfibre cloth to wipe gently. Hard cloths and brushes can scratch the acrylic. Take care of avoiding the wires as you may pull one loose. For external signs, they may suffer from algae etc. Do not hose or pressure wash them, use a microfibre cloth only.

How Long Is The Warranty?

We offer a 2 year warranty on indoor signs, 1 year on outdoor LED Neon signs and various other timespans for other signage types.

Can You Copy My Logo?

Yes, we have helped 1000's of companies recreate their logo in Neon Lights. Please either fill in the form at the bottom of our custom neon page, or email us. We will turn the design into a neon signs mockup so you can see how it would look!

Can I Pick A Custom Font?

Yes, our neon signs can be any font our customers want us to use. Either let us know the name of the font, or email us the font file and we will create a visual for you using your font of your neon sign.

Do You Offer Bulk Discounts?

Yes, we work with many chains of companies who want multiple signs for all their shops, restaurants, offices etc. We offer discounts from 2 units and can produce 100s of identical signs. If you want 100s we have custom options which brings the cost down by around 70% compared to normal neon.

Do You Ship Overseas?

Yes, we are fully insured to supply every country in the world, including USA and Canada (this costs us a lot extra in fees).