5 Reasons You Should Invest in A Custom Neon Sign

Neon Signs are a perfect piece of artwork that adds a sense of beauty and style to any space, be it your home or place of work. Although it's easy to go for a ready-made piece that can be hung on the wall, you should consider investing in a custom neon sign. Customisable neon lights are a great choice for various reasons, from making it for personal use or gifting it to someone special.

Are you contemplating buying a neon sign? Or are you confused about which to go for? Well, you're in luck, as we'll discuss five reasons why you should choose a custom neon sign.

1. You Can Personalise It

Even if you prefer having a neon sign for your office or your home, it makes a bold statement when it's personal to you. You can use the Family name, light it up, and experience the visual impact.

Setting up a Personalised neon sign on the wall of your room can generate a welcoming feel. At Neon87, we can create a personal neon sign that mirrors your children's names, the company's branding, or a simple mantra you live by! Let us know your thoughts, and let us make it a reality!

2. It's Yours To Keep

After we deliver your custom neon sign, it's forever yours to keep. Several people may decide to hire a neon sign for a one-time event, but if you're after Something that's going to stay, make it a custom one and get the best out of it! 

We deliver our custom neon signs ready to hang or encased in an acrylic box, so what you have to do next is to plug it in! This is the easiest it's been to invest in a new artwork for your home or workplace.

3. It's Perfect For Gifting Friends And Loved Ones

A custom neon sign isn't just limited to your home or workplace. If your spouse, friend or sibling's Birthday is coming up, you might want to get a special gift; what's a perfect idea than a personalized neon sign?

It's among the unique gifts you can give, and with a vast array of design options, you can give a splendid, bright neon sign that will be admired for a long time.

4. Give Life To Your Ideas

If you consider yourself an artist or have a creative imagination, you want to transform into Something of substance. We can work together to imbibe your ideas into your neon sign.

You can use a beautiful photo of yours that you want to enhance through neon or a handwritten note from a close friend that you'd like to convert into a larger keepsake. Any idea at all, we can make it a reality.

5.It's Cost Effective

Marketing as a crucial business function can be expensive. Custom neon signs are a sure banker to cut down marketing expenses. One good thing is that there won't be a need for extra light as you would need if you decided to highlight a sign and make it the central point. Even at night, neon signs stay functional without any more requirements, thus saving costs.

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