Custom Bar Neon Signs For The Coolest Bar Decor

Custom bar neon signs for the coolest bar decor

It can be quite challenging to find the perfect custom bar neon sign. We know you've searched the internet for some ideas, but you still need help in making a decision. Well, we are here to help. Check out our top picks on the dopest custom neon bar signs our customers have used for their bars, and you'll find one that suits you.

Custom neon signs for your bar

Neon signs are very crucial for bar décor. Around the 1920s-1960s, neon signs were a major way to recognize scenes of bars and nightclubs. However, in the last few years, they have evolved with a completely new look and design, simpler and aesthetically more diverse. Not only that, they are now high quality, pocket friendly, eco-friendly, and long-lasting. Bar owners searching for cool decor must not miss these custom neon signs below :

1. Champagne Bar neon sign

 Champagne neon sign

Flaunt the special offers at your bar shop in neon light and hang the sign over the entrance. This superb display will bring the right customers to your shop while functioning as a signature decorative piece that will remain evergreen in their memories.

2. Neon Cocktail Sign

Neon Cocktail Sign

Place neon cocktail signs in your bar and let your customers raise a glass of wine and blow off steam. If you want your customers to have the best experience at your bar, which increases sales, investing in a custom neon bar sign will be among the most intelligent business decisions you've made!

3. Katy and Jack's Bar Neon Sign

Katy and Jack Neon Sign

You can have all the best beer and wine in the world, but you're not marketing effectively if you don't showcase them in some magical neon light. Customise your bar neon sign using your name. You're gaining exposure and attracting new customers to your bar.

4. Compass Box Bar Neon Sign

Compass Box Neon Sign

Now, who doesn't like a glowing beautiful neon sign? People are drawn to vibrant colours by nature, so using this neon lighting is a great way to attract people to your party or bar shop. Custom bar neon signs complement your whole decor game with an accent. If things need to be more exciting at your bar, invest in high-quality neon signs at Neon87. You'll be surprised at how our bar neon signs can give life to the entire room. In addition, Neon lights also leave their mark on customers,  making you unique among the competition.

5. Dusk Till Dawn Bar Neon Sign

Dusk Till Dawn Neon Sign

You can hang this "Dusk till dawn" custom bar neon sign close to where customers will sit to have drinks. It tells them that they can have a good time the entire day! It can also be an aesthetic artwork that will make your customers stare. After a stressful work day, people love to relax and have fun, so ensure you provide all they need.


Beautiful neon signs for bars will lighten up the entire room! Level up your bar décor and be that perfect host everyone admires. Contact us today with your idea, and let us make it a reality. Upgrade your bar to the hottest spot in town!

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