Do I Need A Dimmer For My Neon Sign?



Our Neon Signs are super bright, using a unique to us 120 LED per meter type of strip.  The colours are not only super vivid, but will light up a large space.

If you want to be able to lower the light level for a more intimate vibe, we would always recommend a dimmer.

Another thing to consider is photo's.  Many of our customers buy signs from us for their photo walls, or to increased the Instagram-able-ness of their space.  While a bright neon will look amazing to the human eye, a camera can either blow out and just show a bright white light, or it will make the rest of the space dark. In these cases we would recommend a dimmer and to dim your sign to around 50%.

Remote or Manual?

We typically use manual ones in our studio and homes, but we tend to keep them at the same level.  If you want the extra convenience of wireless, or the sign is in a hard to reach place, a remote one will be better. Word of caution though.  If you lose the remote, you need a whole new dimmer assembly. 

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