How Much Does It Cost To Run A Business Neon Sign?

If you're considering hopping on the neon train, you may be thinking of the costs that are going to be involved. Whether seeking effective ways to improve your business visibility or adding style to your home or office, neon signage is your best bet! But how much do you need to get started? Read on to find out.

Concerns Regarding The Cost Of Living

Due to the crisis in the cost of living in the UK, it's only wise that you're concerned about the cost of running a neon sign and the amount of electricity it will consume. Don't worry; after you find out the cost of running a business neon sign, you'll feel at ease. Many people feel neon signs are expensive to run, but that's not entirely true. Neon is energy-saving!

How Much Does It Cost to Run a Business Neon Sign?

An average business neon sign will cost you less than 20 cents per day. Cheap, right? However, this low running cost is because LED neon signs use low-energy LED bulbs that use six times less energy than regular light bulbs. In addition, LED neon signs do not require any maintenance costs or a special permit, so you need not worry about an increase in your electric bill. We'll be explaining these reasons in more detail shortly.

Why Are Custom Neon Signs Cheap To Run?

Let's now see why business  custom neon signs are cheap to run.

Zero Charges For Installation

At Neon87, our business signs are delivered with a full installation kit, including wires, hangers, and chains. The acrylic backboard of our sign is usually pre-drilled with holes for easier installation. So you don't have to worry about paying someone to install your sign. You can hang it yourself.

You don't need any special permits

The materials used in manufacturing business neon signs are made from recyclable materials and are eco-friendly. So there's no need to pay for special permits to hang your neon sign. Unlike other advertising mediums like billboards, which require some payment for approval, It's only the upfront cost of your business's neon sign that you'll pay for.

Low-energy LED bulbs

Unlike glass neon signs that use noble gases to flow, the LED business neon sign uses low-energy bulbs. Generally, a glass neon sign containing neon gases uses over 600 watts of energy, and a LED neon sign uses around 100 watts. You can leave LED neon signs on for daylight hours because they are energy-saving and don't cause a spike in your electric bill.

There is little need for maintenance

Business neon signs have little maintenance needs. What you have to do is clean the neon sign every few weeks to remove dust particles. In addition, you don't have to pay for any repairs, and all the features are conveniently remote-controlled. Summarily, low maintenance equals low running costs.

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