LED Neon Vs Glass Neon

Now this is a hot subject. Many old style glass neon companies routinely complain to us and our competitors about the use of the word "Neon". 

Let's clear this up. Most "glass neon's" don't even have neon gas inside them and haven't for years. So our LED neon's have just as much neon in them as a glass sign.

Our opinion on glass neon's is that they are awesome, they look incredible, and nothing can truly compare. However, they do have their drawbacks.

We have around 10 enquiries per week of people who are looking for their glass neon to be fixed, spending as much as 50% of the original sign cost to get it repaired. And this happens every year for many. We also have customers who have had their glass ones shatter and fail.

LED Neon's are very reliable. The materials used are super strong, and LED's have around a 50,000 hour life. That's 11.4 years, if the light is in use 12 hours per day. What does life mean?  It means that after 50,000 hours, the LED's will be 50% of their original brightness and 50% is still very bright.

LED Neons tend to have much cleaner and better shapes, with no ugly back bends which need to be painted to be hidden.  They don't flicker. And they can be dimmed.

We can also create a premium LED Neon using acrylic which is even more hard wearing.

Contact us if you have any questions.

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