Vintage Neon Signs

Vintage neon signs are the best way to decorate your home when you want to inject something old and classic into some of your new designs. If you miss that good old sign, there are plenty on sale right now because neon signs are back in style! You can decorate your home with a variety of different vintage neon signs to make it more attractive and beautiful.

Make your home and office stand out by giving it a touch of vintage or mix it with something old, something new, and trendy neon signs.

How can you do this?

Let me start with...

Your Gallery Wall

Hang framed photos for your gallery wall. It will give it an artistic appearance. Using vintage neon signs in black and white is also a good idea. Adding this accent would add a splash of interest and eye-catching elegance to your gallery of photos and artwork.

Next, we have...


Adorn your living room, dining area, and kitchen with shelves in rustic designs and decors. Adding retro neon signs or something vintage to your kitchen decorations and essentials make them even more appealing. Integrate standard essentials that look unique and look good with your room shelves’ contrasting colours and retro pieces.

These are ultra-sophisticated...

Vintage Neons

In the past years, a lot of Vintage Neon has been used for commercial purposes. But nowadays, it’s widely popular again in home and business settings. We're seeing plenty of neon signs! Retro neon signs are definitely in! And vintage neon lights and signs come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes to light up and level up the look of your home. Use vintage neons on your walls in conjunction with nice background paintings. This will give the wall a bit more impact.

Talking about retro...

Vintage Signage

Vintage Signage is a form of communication that has been used for centuries. Nowadays, it's not only being used in business but also at home as a great way to communicate. You can make any room in your home and office more appealing by putting a vintage neon sign.

A vintage neon sign will undoubtedly make these rooms pop. It can offer a great relaxing ambiance in the room, an entertaining appeal in the living room and vintage neon signs can have an enticing feel in the dining or kitchen area.

You can never go wrong with a vintage sign.

The next one is superb...

Vibrant Coloured Signs

We often want o to be in tasty and playful environments such as an ice cream parlor or themed park. We want their cheerful feel so vibrant coloured neon signs are a stunning addition to any room in your home, shop or office.


  • Energetic colors- these make any room pop and lively.
  • Something that is joyous and fresh.
  • Light up with retro neon signs that give classic look to balance the colorful ambiance.

If you want to be a little more artistic...

Cursive (Handwritten) sign

Signs that are written by hand give a sense of uniqueness and beauty. It gives you a different vibe and drive. A handwritten sign appears as if they are the signature of a homeowner or business owner. That's why it gives a more personal touch.

With the resurgence of neon lights and vinyl stickers, this type of sign is an excellent choice if you want to be more open and get personal with other people.

And here's something really classic...

Marquee Signage

The signage can be made with iron sheet, can be dyed or oxidized, depending on your preference, bringing a vintage look with a touch of glamour. You can find that this option is reminiscent of old hotels and cinemas. So these retro neon signs are truly iconic. You can't help but admire its beauty.

Next up...


Several major brands with emotional appeals, including Nike, Adidas and others, have used this design and style. Brand recognition here is simple since it is already strong. So a minimalistic design works. For this, cut-out iron plates are an excellent option. Aside from being very cost-effective, this material is objective and straightforward.

This one's interesting...

Luminous sign

This is effective if you want to convey a powerful message and personality. You’ll love how flashy this sign is!

Historically, it has been largely used in cinemas, but these days it can be found in home and office settings too. Luminous signs can be made up of both drawings and phrases, or both depending on your preferences and how you would like to use them!

There you have it! Whatever you want to achieve, be it modern, retro, minimalist... we got your back.

Choose a modern and chic look over retro neon signs or mix it all's your call! You can choose a variety of designs, features, and styles that reflect your beautiful personality! Pick your color and size... and get ready to have fun!

As soon as you have decided what you like and what you are looking for in vintage signs, get to work! We can help you search for a sign that works for your unique taste and needs. Contact us now!

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