Neon Lights for Room

Neon lighting is making a huge comeback! And its popularity is a great proof of how interior design is evolving and breaking boundaries.

What was once considered a corny device is now widely used to showcase the personalities of homeowners… not only in a bold manner but also in a subtle and elegant way.

We're seeing subtle differences now that homeowners are more confident and experimental in playing with neons. Especially, in relation to artwork such as the size of mounted art which dictates the impact of neon signs in a particular room. In the same way, typography is also changing and becoming more sophisticated.

These signs have evolved far beyond the old red neon 'beer' sign of the good old days. Nowadays, it can be bold or it can add finesse, based on fonts, colors, and relationships with other elements in the room.

Neons, whether used for a little humor or simply to draw your eye to a room's interior design, is one of the biggest trends this year.

Neon lights for room can be sweet, playful, provocative, or they can reinforce the identity of a space.

Neon lighting comes in an array of options today. But, before you get carried away, keep in mind that the feature you choose will also impact the price. You can also order bespoke neon signs, find a vintage piece or invest in grand and more expensive lighting. It's all up to you!

Think about using neon in unexpected places, like the bathroom or above a doorway, Or why not run the lettering vertically rather than horizontally? 

You can be as creative as you want… 

You can use it as part of your light fittings or lovely home decor. Don't worry, you can be sure of our neons' energy efficiency! So just light up and enjoy your neon sign!

You can give your neon sign a place in your room as creative artwork. Why not give your neon artwork a dedicated space in your room? Or, if you're aiming for a more subtle effect, you can make it part of a collage art piece.

Make sure to paint the cords to match your walls. And pick a vibrant hue if you want your sign to stand out. Also, layer neon signs on wallpaper to create an impressive effect.

The possibilities are endless with neon lights for room!