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White Neon Signs

Be Positive with White Neon Signs!

As an unquestionably positive colour, the colour white embodies qualities associated with goodness, light, brilliance, illumination, understanding, cleanliness, sincerity, protection, softness, and perfection.

Whether it's warm white or cool white- it's associated with success and beginnings. It is often used to signify coolness and simplicity. 

The colour white is bright and brilliant to the human eye. And there’s something about the colour white that affects the mind and body. It gives clarity of thoughts and feelings. 

It’s the colour of fresh beginnings. It's a sign of cleansing, clearing obstacles and decluttering. It develops a sense of purity in one's actions and thoughts.

A white custom-made neon sign in your home, office, whether you are in your bedroom, living room, kitchen or anywhere else can create a positive vibe.

The tranquility it brings will definitely rejuvenate your surroundings. That’s why it’s a popular colour for any space or event. Use it to spice up your home or office. Use it for your personal event or business needs - it will definitely create a cool and productive ambiance.

Our neon sign in white has an elegant golden off-white colour when switched on, and soft white colour when switched off. Either way, it looks elegantly gorgeous!

Featuring 120 diodes per meter, it's made of super high-quality LED strips that last around 50,000 hours!

Each sign purchased from Neon87 includes:

A high-quality CE-approved 12v transformer with a UK plug or equivalent for overseas orders

2-meter power cable at the bottom right of the sign

Installation kit with stand-off mounts

Make your mood and surroundings more cheerful with your own neon sign!