Now Offering
Trade Only Discounts

Over the past year we have had 100's of enquiries from the Sign Trade asking if we offered special discounts.  Unfortunately, our factory was already at peak capacity and we just couldn't make any more signs.

However, in March this changed and we moved into a much larger and better equipped premises.

We now have a huge capacity and space to grow even further.  This means we are now actively welcoming all Sign Trade customers with open arms.

How Do I Get The Discount?

We are now offering a tiered discount program.  The more work you can do your end, the larger the discount. 

Level 1

We still do all the work, we take an idea and turn it into a mockup for your client, show font options, turn their neon into a mockup etc. You act as a middle man. We can white label our mockups so they don't see they're from us.

Level 2 *Most Popular*

You agree the design with the client, but we trace them making them into quote ready vectors our site. We will support you in how we can turn complex designs into the signs we make.

Level 3

You do almost all the work.  You simply come to us with a design already agreed with the client, the design is already in vector form. We only need to measure it up and quote you.

Why Choose Neon87 Ltd
To Supply Your Clients

We are real people who truly care about building long term relationships with our clients.  We will support you in anyway we can.

  • Made in the UK signs - we are not buying from China and selling with a markup like most other companies
  • Trade prices almost similar to Chinese prices
  • 24 month return to base warranty on internal signs, 12m on external
  • Any issues, we take full ownership and work hard to solve them
  • We can turn signs around within 24 hours (subject to rush fees)

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