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We Did  Neon Light Sign

3 size options to suit your space!

Small = 60 x 47cm
Medium = 75 x 59cm
Large = 100 x 78cm

These amazing neon style signs are great to give an illuminating flare to any room. This would sit well in an office or in a boutique business or even a cool bedroom.

You can ask about customising the size, font or colour. Contact us and we will be in touch

Made from LED Neon they are much safer than traditional glass neon tubing and use a lot less electricity. They stay cool and are safe to touch.

All of our signs come with:

12v transformer and 3 pin plug (or local plug if outside UK)
2 meter power cable
Stand-off screws for mounting to the wall
Acrylic cut to the outline of the design
Buying from a UK based, VAT registered and fully insured company
2 year guarantee with a 50,000 hour expected life

  • WARRANTY - We offer a leading 2 year warranty on all indoor signs

  • MADE IN UK - Made in our very own factory in Exeter, Devon

  • FAST PRODUCTION - Most signs are produced, tested and dispatched within 2 weeks

  • FREE DELIVERY - Free delivery on all orders over £50

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  • Colours In Real Life
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What's Included When You Buy From Neon87?

Every sign bought from Neon87 comes with:

  • Your incredible new sign made to order 

  • High quality CE Approved 12v transformer with either a UK plug or equivalent for overseas orders

  • 2 meter clear power cable coming from bottom right of the sign

  • Wall mounting kit with stand-off mounts

  • Super high quality packaging to make sure your new sign arrives in perfect condition

  • Full 24 month warranty (12m on external) to cover any issues

1. Design

As soon as you have ordered, our design team sets to work creating the design and CAD files for our machines & neon sign artists

2. Machining

We machine your sign out of the highest quality materials available using our in-house industrial equipment

3. Assembly

Our experienced team of neon artists assemble your sign taking care to hide wires as much as possible and ensure it's the highest quality

4. Testing

We test every sign before dispatch to make sure it's working perfectly so you get the best sign we can make

How Our Neon Colours Look
In Real Life

From Left to Right:
1. Bright White

2. Warm White

3. Hot Pink

4. Purple

5. Electric Blue

6. Ice Blue

7. Green

8. Yellow

9. Orange

10. Red

All our wires are either hidden or incredibly neat

Supplied with a 2 meter long clear power cable

All sections are carefully carved together

All edges are sanded & flame polished for a glassy finish

24 Month guarantee

We have the leading guarantee on our signs, 100% longer than all of our competitors

Super fast production

Our average production time is 2 weeks, with our rush service this can be as little as 3 days

Highest quality

Our team have made 1,000's of signs, we know exactly how to make the perfect neon

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Does Delivery Take?

Our typical delivery time from approval of your proof is between 2 and 3 weeks. We can rush orders if our schedule and materials supply allows. If you have an urgent order, it's always best to contact us to make sure we can fit you in.

2. Will I Be Charged Extra Tax, VAT or Duty?

All of our prices include VAT in the UK, meaning you won't get any nasty debt collection letters from couriers demanding unpaid tax.

3. How Long Does A LED Neon Last?

Our LED's are very high quality and have a lifespan of around 50,000 hours. When we mention lifespan, what we mean is that after 50,000 hours of use, the light will be half as bright as when it was new.  

4. What's The Difference Between Glass & LED Neon?

Glass, gas or traditional neon uses super high voltages to charge gas inside a glass tube to produce the light. LED's are 12v and used everywhere from phones, computers, watches and pretty much everything you can think of. 

5. What Is An LED Neon Made Of?

Our LED Neon is made using super high quality LED strips with 120 diodes per meter. It is then encased in silicone during an extrusion process. This turns the light from dots, into a long continuous line.

6. What Are The Backing Options?

As standard we cut to the outline of the sign design, but we can also keep the acrylic backing as a rectangle. Depending on design, we can also cut the insides of the letters out. If you would like this option, let's discuss, as this makes the sign more prone to breakages.

We can also offer different colours, glitter, and mirrored backings. Please contact us to discuss these bespoke options too.

7. How Do You Power A LED Neon Sign?

Our signs are all 12v and powered by a 12v transformer. These transformers then plug into the mains with a 3-pin plug. We can supply transformers that can be wired by a qualified electrician into the mains and you can use a light switch to turn on and off.

8. Where are your products manufactured?

Our factory is based in Exeter, Devon in the south of England. This is where we make all our signs and dispatch from.

9. How Do I Hang My LED Neon Sign?

As standard, we supply stand off screws which raise the sign off of the wall to allow the light to shine behind. We can also supply hanging kits which most event companies favour.  

10. Do You Offer Bulk Discounts?

Yes, we work with many chains of companies who want multiple signs for all their shops, restaurants, offices etc. We offer discounts from 2 units and can produce 100s of identical signs. If you want 100s we have custom options which brings the cost down by around 70% compared to normal neon.

Why Choose Neon87?

Neon87 Ltd is a company with an abiding passion for designing and crafting the brightest, most vivid and captivating neon signs possible. They don’t just sell these types of signage; they offer you one-of-a kind service from initial contact to final delivery (and beyond). Neon87 will provide excellent customer service at every stage of your sign or lighting project!

We're here to help you turn your ideas into reality. Whether it's an international event that needs a selfie wall or a hot new salon looking for new ways to stand out, we can design something custom and memorable.

UK based, in-house manufacturing means you'll find the most high end product. We can have your signs ready within hours or days so that we're always there for you when it counts most.

We will never let you down.


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